How to Avoid Home Repair Lawsuits by Doing Good Work

If you really want to avoid any type of lawsuits, you need to educate yourself and use caution with everything that you do. Construction lawsuits are no different, if you understand construction lawsuits and use caution, you could easily avoid them in the future.Here’s an example of what I’m talking about, someone calls me on the phone and asks me if I could repair a damaged wood window sill. I give them an estimate of $1200 and they almost pass out. They tell me that I have lost my mind and all they wanted was the window sill replaced, not the entire wall.Well, now I have their attention. I was planning on fixing the window sill and the rest of the damage in the house, just to avoid any problems in the future. If I was to fix the damaged window sill, but the wood framing underneath it is completely rotted out, I’m not doing the homeowner any favors and could actually be sued in the future.If someone requests something to be repaired incorrectly, I would suggest that you don’t even waste your time. Problems like this could turn into lawsuits in the future. In other words, any home repairs should be done correctly and fixed properly and your estimates should be clear about the work that is going to be done.I don’t know how many termite repair companies that there are in my area, but some of these companies make inferior repairs and I would imagine that they have to deal with all kinds of lawsuits. If you want to avoid being sued, you can’t do inferior work, just because a homeowner says that it’s okay.Don’t be fooled by something that someone else says, you are a professional home repair contractor and you need to do the job right, no matter what someone else says. If you run your company with this attitude, you probably won’t ever have to deal with any lawsuits in the future.

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